Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Images of the Pathways Project

These images were taken by the Pathways Project teacher, Caterina Di Girolamo.
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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Evaluation completed

The members of the Glebe Pathways Forum have completed an evaluation at the mid-way point of the Project's three-year funding.In her Foreward to the document, Dr Kitty te Riele (UTS), states:

"This self-assessment takes an honest look at those aspects of program design that have been established as being relevant for all such alternative education projects by the Dusseldorp Skills Forum. Three findings stand out for me. First, the strong commitment to counter negative assumptions and deficit views about the young people in the Glebe Pathways Project - instead putting their interests and voices at the centre of the project. Second, the genuine collaboration among a range of institutional and community partners - turning their different cultures, expertise and priorities into complementary strengths to support the Project. Finally, the hard work and good will of the staff and volunteers in the Project, who make the personal and public benefits of education more real and achievable on a day-to-day basis".

Download a copy of the evaluation.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Learning through interests in the Pathways Project

Teachers, mentors and other adults involved in the Pathways Project are encouraged to develop Learning Through Interest (LTI) projects that investigate some aspect of their practice associated with the Project. In other words, these projects are aimed at enhancing the learning experiences of both adults and students.

LTI projects replicate the same process undertaken by students. In other words, an LTI is planned and exhibited within the context of the Glebe classroom, and it is carried out beyond the classroom. Hence, LTI requires identifying and maintaining communication with a mentor and a setting beyond the classroom.

A key feature of LTI is that it produces something that can be exhibited each term. This means that it needs to be small in scale, and very well defined.

The Curriculum DesignTeam meeting every Wednesday functions like a Big Picture Advisory, providing teachers with the resources and support to conduct their LTI.

The following questions guide the development of an LTI:
• What is the aspect of my practice that I want to investigate?
• Why is it important to develop this practice within the context of the Pathways Project?
• Where can I learn more about this practice? What are the features of a site that will deepen my understanding of this practice?
• Who would be a suitable mentor to guide my learning?