Future students

As a student of the Glebe Pathways Project you will have a new opportunity to continue your learning as part of a team of advisors, family and community.  With the help of this team you will help develop your own individual learning plan or ILP
  • You will find out more about your interests and goals
  • You will help plan interesting and challenging projects exploring these interests and goals
  • You will share your new learning through exhibitions
  • Later, along with the team and a mentor you will develop a plan to develop your plan to continue your learning through internship in a workplace.
At our school, we use the word ‘Advisor’ instead of teacher because we believe you are the most important person in your own learning. We see ourselves as part of your support crew which includes other important adults in your life. We are all part of your team.

Part of our job is to connect you to people outside the classroom who can help you to explore your interest. You’ll spend up to two days a week working with a mentor and learning through an internship or LTI. We will assist you to organise an internship in a workplace where you explore your interests in the real world, and learn the skills that will help you to move on from the Pathways project to further learning, training, an apprenticeship or a job.

Your job is to attend school regularly and complete the work in your ILP to the best of your ability.  Each term, all students will present their work in an exhibition to which you invite the people who attended your ILP meeting and others such as your mentor. The exhibition is a way of sharing your achievements with people you care about.  

All this is to support you to achieve your future goals.

Our school is a bit different from other schools as it is based on a ‘’ Big Picture Learning.  When you visit we have a DVD to watch which will explain more about how we work and you can ask us questions to help you decide if the Pathways Project might work for you.

Drop in to the Glebe Youth Service (84 Glebe Point Road) and talk to the Advisors or Youth Workers.