Thursday, April 30, 2009

Welcome to the Pathways Project blog

Since 2003, the Glebe Youth Service has responded to requests from young people not in school to provide a means by which they could complete Year 10. For a range of complex reasons, traditional pathways have not worked for these young people. Difficulties associated with securing ongoing funding to meet their needs have provided the impetus for members of the education steering group of the Glebe Community Development Program to create the Pathways Project.

This blog has been created to facilitate communication between organisations willing to support the long-term goals of the Project.

The first meeting of the Pathways Project will be held on May 15. Details can be obtained by contacting

Participants will have the opportunity to hear from community-based workers, and to learn about existing local programs, as well as related programs operating elsewhere in Australia and overseas that have been established to meet the needs of young people not well served by traditional educational pathways.

There have been numerous changes to funding at the federal and state level, and possible new and established sources of support will be explored. A goal of the meeting will be to prepare a plan of action to address the unmet educational and training needs of local youth.

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