Thursday, May 14, 2009

How young people are faring 2008

One of the purposes of this blog is to make available a range of resources to participants in the Pathways Project. The Dusseldorp Skills Forum provides an important source of information about young people in Australia through its regular report titled How young people are faring, the 2008 report states that:

Low SES school leavers are far less likely to undertake study and training in their first year (45 per cent as against 68 per cent for high SES school leavers). University entry sharply divides school leavers along SES lines — 13.3 per cent for low SES school leavers compared to 52.6 per cent for high SES leavers. Marginal attachment to the labour force (unemployment, part-time work and not in the labour force) is also much higher among low SES students and falls as SES rises. That such striking disparities remain despite continuous economic growth over the past decade suggests that in terms of accessing education and training, Australia remains socially divided. (p.20)

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